Plovers and other sea-birds near Big Bay, Cape Town.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Protection for vessel in trouble


This morning we decided to visit Kreefte-baai where two fishing trawlers ran aground.

I was also interested to see if there were plovers at that beach.

The nature conservation department was out in full force protecting the vessels and the dunes. It is amazing how quick they can protect something that they perceive to be worth protecting.

It is a pity they do not perceive the Plovers and Oystercatchers to be worth protecting.

If only they would apply the same temporary protection measures to the bird breeding area.

The pebbly area above the high water mark is getting so narrow, due to the dune stabilization that is happening along this whole stretch of coast.

For this reason, it is more of a pity that this small area is not given to the birds for as long as it is suitable breeding ground.

Soon the sand will cover these pebbles also and it will become another dead suburban beach.

It is a pity we cannot protect the few breeding birds along the Blouberg coast.

These birds are suffering in silence and the majority of beach goers will not even miss them when they are gone.

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Animal World said...

Since writing this post we discovered Plovers all along the coast , between Big Bay and Melkbos Strand.
We also saw about three breeding pairs of Black African Oystercatchers on the other beaches.