Plovers and other sea-birds near Big Bay, Cape Town.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Human progress is nature regress. 20Sept08

Early Morning Plovers:

A visit to Plover Beach via Horse Trails,


Blouberg Strand

The mission today is to take some photographs, for the Plover Blog, using my husband’s new camera. As per usual, this camera will be mine one day when he upgrades. I am an expert at squeezing the last bit of use out of has-been equipment.

The problem with the plovers has been identified. The research is more or less complete for this area, between Horse Trails and the drum (half way) marker.

We intend to be in Cape Town for just over another year. Will the Plovers continue to teach me like they have been doing this last year?

Will they still be here when we leave?

Before last February, I vaguely knew of their existence. Today they are familiar friends. They opened the door to exploring so many other areas relating to nature. Already we are photographing insects living among the Fynbos.

This beach taught me to look at the footprints of birds and other creatures that share our beaches.

They taught me how civilization and man intrude on nature, right here under our noses.

One does not have to research the Internet and encyclopaedias to know about these creatures. It does help of course, I never believe in re-inventing the wheel. If someone studied something in-dept before me, I would rather build on that study than work from scratch. That is progress.

However, one needs to know what one wants to research beforehand.

Nature, ever changing, is our best teacher.

Just be still, open up your heart, mind, ears and eyes all at the same time. Take deep regular breaths and just be with your environment. It is amazing what one learns. Even a camera and binoculars can obstruct the message.

Just sitting on the white sand with book and pencil in hand and record what comes to me is my best teacher.

I have done that since the beginning of the year.

It is now time for research, and polish, correct mistakes and find out what the experts say about this subject.

That is what I want to do with the Plover Blog for the rest of the year.

It was my intention to ask for sponsors so that I can develop this Blog into a website, but I so hate begging for money. Creating a website for the Plovers is no longer a priority. With the courtesy of Google and Blogspot I shall just use what free tools I have to deliver the message.

Perhaps later I shall create a website in memory of the Plovers and other creatures who lost their home due to human progress.

Human progress is nature regress.

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