Plovers and other sea-birds near Big Bay, Cape Town.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

homeless man


I observed the stress of the Plover who had a nest just below where this man slept.
I have often seen people settling to sunbathe on top of a Plover breeding site.

Oystercatcher 22-01-2009

The Oystercatchers abandoned their first nest. Was this their second attempt?
Here too they were vulnerable to people climbing the dunes.

This kind of protection would have saved their brood. - click here -

Oystercatcher 01-01-2009

The Oystercatchers did not succeed to breed at Horse Trails (Big Bay, Cape Town) this year.
I saw dogs chasing them and people walking over their nests. The beach cleanup team seemed unaware of the birds breeding also.

The photograph of an African black Oystercatcher was taken between Big Bay and the Horse Trails.